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SO Glad We’ve Solved Our Economic Crisis

by , posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Really, I can’t thank those Tea Partiers enough for making all the right moves to ensure that we continue to push the Great Recession well along the way toward becoming the Greatest Depression.

Today we’ve learned that in the wake of the Debt Ceiling Deal of Doom being signed, sealed and delivered, the stock market continues an alarming slide and the Chinese have downgraded our credit rating. A special shout out to Enabler in Chief Barack Obama, for his exquisitly choreographed moves in response to the Economic Terrorists in Congress. But I want to reserve my most special shout out of all for local Illinois Economic Terrorists Randy Hultgren and Joe Walsh, because it’s just not easy for two freshmen congresscritters-turned-economic-terrorists to accomplish so much in such a short time. Helluva Job!

Damn. I just used the “j” word didn’t I? Sorry, so sorry. Forgot. We are all supposed to be pretending that there is no problem with one in ten Americans being unemployed by obsessively focusing on a deficit that could be much better handled if we just worked on getting them jobs. Damn. Did it again didn’t I?

Well, will just have to hope that Congress is so busy right now that they failed to notice someone worried about jobs. I think it’s more likely than not.


Egypt, my daughter, and the news

by , posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 10:01 am

My daughter posted this link on her facebook the other day, along with a note that says “who needs the news?”

She then promptly followed that up with a couple of facebook posts complaining about the attacks on “her” Anderson Cooper, so apparently she does still feel the need for traditional media sources. And I know for a fact that she is relentlessly checking in with DailyKos, Huffington Post and CNN and MSNBC websites for news about what’s going on in Egypt.

Still, I think the fact that she’s following all these sources – mostly from her version of the device formerly known as a “cell phone” – is an interesting take on how information is assimilated by your average member of the generation now in their 30’s.

Multiple streams, constantly streaming.