2012 IL-13 general election campaign archive

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updated 23 May 2012

General election

David Gill (D)

campaign website: www.gill2012.com

Growing Up Gill

David Gill talks about his upbringing, what drives him and who he’ll never forget when he gets to Congress.

Millionaires should pay their fair share

David Gill discusses why he thinks it’s important for millionaires to pay their fair share of taxes, just like waitresses, teachers, truck drivers and other middle-class workers do.

Protecting American Jobs

Dr. David Gill talks about getting Americans back to work, focusing on a thriving middle-class, restoring our nation’s manufacturing base and encouraging ‘buy American” policies so our tax dollars help create American jobs.

Remembering Polly

David Gill and his daughter Tally remember Polly Gill, Dr. Gill’s first wife who died from cancer.

Rodney Davis (R)

IL13 May 12th Rodney Davis 1 of 2

IL13 May 12th Rodney Davis 2 of 2

other candidates to replace nominee Tim Johnson after he withdrew

Jerry Clarke (R)

campaign website: clarkeforcongress.com

IL13RawFootage – Jerry Clarke: a Lifetime of Service

IL13RawFootage – IL 13 May 12th Jerry Clarke

Erika Harold (R)

IL13RawFootage – IL13 May 12th forum Erica Harold

Kathy Wassink (R)

Becky Doyle (R)

Michael Firsching (R)

campaign website: mikefirschingforcongress.com

Frank Metzger (R)

Samuel Spradlin (R)

campaign website: www.spradlinforcongress2012.com

Do you have any campaign literature you can share with us? Mailers, postcards, door hangers, palm cards, flyers, stickers, buttons … we would love to add any and all of these in order to compile as comprehensive an archive as we can.

Any race, any party, from anywhere in Illinois. Whatever you have to share, we’d be happy to have it.

If scans are available, that’s all we really need, but if it’s easier to just put something in an envelope and mail it to us, that’s fine too. So, whether you’re a campaign looking for one more way to get your message out or you’re just a voter whose mailbox is overflowing with campaign lit you’re willing to send our way, if you’ve got something to share, please write us at n0madic@comcast.net and we’ll work out the details.


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