The Three Republicans Who Are Running as “Democrats” in the March 20th Primary Election

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The Kane County Board is composed of 24 district-elected members (10 Democrats and 14 Republicans) and one at-large executive (Chris Lauzen – Republican). In the March 20,  Democratic Primary Election, Democrats in at least three districts will have, sadly, an opportunity to vote for a Lauzen-backed Republican who is running as a Democrat.  In a 4th county board district race in Elgin, a progressive Democrat is challenging a regular Democrat who votes with Lauzen for his austerity budget.

Republican Chris Lauzen has not shied away from his overt effort to infiltrate the Democratic Party with Republican candidates.  There have been at least two newspaper articles on the topic. The Daily Herald reports, “Chairman Lauzen backing some Democrats in Kane Board Races.”  The Beacon News (Trib affiliate) hits the nail a little more squarely on the head with their story, “Lauzen helped recruit candidates challenging Democrats running in Kane County primary races.”

Here is a letter that Chris Lauzen wrote to Republicans and his supporters in the district’s that he is targeting to change.

Meet the real Democrats and their Republican challengers below.

County Board District 1 (Aurora)

Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter, Myrna Molina, is facing a challenge from Blanca E. Rodriguez. Close Lauzen confidant and political operative, Jon Zahm, notarized Rodriquez’s petitions.  John Zahm NotaryJon Zahm frequently backs religious zealots like Lauzen and owns Goliath Slayer Communications.  In 2008, Zahm coordinated local campaign activities for Mike Huckabee.  In 2012, Zahm worked for Rick Santorum.  He spent 15 years as the field director of an anti-choice political group, Family-PAC Illinois.  Get the picture about Zahm?  According to local papers, Zahm is Lauzen’s political consultant.

Myrna MolinaThe real deal, progressive Democrat in the race, Myrna Molina, is one of us!  I remember meeting her when she walked into the Bernie Sanders office with her daughter back in 2016.  She sat down and made phone calls for Sanders, offered her endorsement, and went right to work.  She is a progressive, and she needs our help to win re-election.  To help Myrna with contributions or by contacting voters, call/text or e-mail her: 630.621.7818 / /

County Board District 3 (Aurora)

Aurora Democratic Party Township Chairman, Don Ishmael, is facing a challenge from Republican Anita Lewis.  I know Anita because we both ran for East Aurora School Board in 2015.  She is a nice person, but when we talked about the issues, there was a wide gap between us.  All she wanted to talk about was cutting taxes for the more affluent parts of District 131.

Below is Anita’s voting record.  She pulled Republican ballots in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2016 (she did not vote in the 2014 primary cycle).  Why is a solid Republican putting her name on the ballot as a Democrat?

Anita_Lewis Voting Record






County Board District 7 (Aurora)

Democrat Monica Silva is facing a challenge from Republican Brian Gravenhorst.  Gravenhorst has served as a Republican election judge, and he has no ties to the Democratic Party or progressive organizations.  He was also recruited by Lauzen.  His literature parrots Republican talking points.

Monica SilvaMonica Silva is a physician, and as the chair of the Public Health Committee, has overseen efforts to combat the opiod epidemic, including the distribution of Narcan in Kane County.  She has supported the Sheriff’s budget and public safety initiatives to keep our neighborhoods safe, and she stood up to Lauzen’s attempt to bring Bruce Rauner’s destructive anti-union/anti-worker agenda to Kane County. To help Monica with contributions or by contacting voters, call 630.709.7408 or e-mail


County Board District 17 (Elgin)

Janice BennettProgressive Democrat Janice Bennett is running for County Board against Lauzen ally, Deb Allan, who is famous for her classy hats. Deb’s hats won’t hide her votes.  She voted for Lauzen’s austerity budget that forced cuts, as well as her vote to remove Kane County’s electronic monitoring program.  “As an abused woman, I can relate to those who are very concerned that their abusers are no longer monitored. I would always be wondering who is at my door,” said Bennett, during a Progressives of Kane County endorsement meeting.  “I am running to ensure that our tax dollars are being used to benefit and protect Kane County residents, not win future re-election efforts.”

To help Jannice Bennett with contributions or by contacting voters call 847.772.4463 or email:


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