Fight for a Fair Budget – Chicago, Springfield, Aurora

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Chicago, June 18, 2009. Thousands responded to the “Doomsday Budget” which would deeply cut social service organization’s funding by the millions and devastate families by the thousands throughout the State.

Springfield, June 23, 2009. Over 5,000 families, children, care givers and seniors closed down entrance to the State Capitol to rally for a fair budget for the people of Illinois.

Only temporary solutions were discussed.

Aurora, June 26, 2009. Ryan J. Dowd, Executive Director of Hesed House, details the potential impact of the Springfield budget crisis on the homeless population.

Aurora, June 26, 2009. Supporters of a fair Illinois budget gather at Hesed House, a homeless shelter.

This budget will go into effect July 1, 2009 if no action is taken.

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And contact your State Representative and State Senator now. Flood their district offices with phone calls and faxes now – tell them – do not come home until there is a full year budget in place, with new revenue to fund critical programs.


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  1. Kristen says:

    A couple of weeks ago, in little ol’ moderate DeKalb, we got somewhere around 250 people to come out to Rep. Pritchard’s office and rally for the budget. When the tax increase was brought up, the crowd erupted in cheers. If little DeKalb will cheer on a tax increase, then I think almost any representative can vote for it right now without fear of losing their seat. Inaction is what will hurt these people in the next election.

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