Kane County 2030 Plan Test

by , posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 5:45 pm

The Kane County Board will have its commitment to the 2030 Land Resource Management Plan tested at the July 14, 2009 Board meeting.

On that date, the Kane County Board will consider Special Use # 4213. Special Use #4213 seeks to convert 7.6 Acres of Prime F-District Farm Land to B-3 Zoning. This will essentially create an Industrial Park in the midst of Prime Kane County Farm Land in Burlington Township. An area strongly identified by the Kane County 2030 Plan as Agricultural.

Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay campaigned on her commitment to this plan. The vote will determine which Kane County Board members truly support the 2030 Land Resource Management Plan.

Citizens supporting structured growth & the preservation of farm Land in Kane County, should email Chairman McConnaughay & their respective County Board member, asking them to re-affirm their support for the 2030 Plan by rejecting this proposal.


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  1. Downtowner says:

    Thanks for this post, and I’d like to second your suggestion: we all need to e-mail McConnaughay and our County Board members about this one.

    Directory of e-mail adresses for county board memebrs here: http://www.countyofkane.org/Pages/KaneCountyBoardMembers.aspx

    McConnaughay’s e-mail address is:

    Go forth and e-mail everyone – If we want to contain sprawl, preserve farmland and manage growth, we really do need to support the 2030 plan.

  2. Downtowner says:

    Oops! Somehow lost McConnaughay’s e-mail address in that last comment. Here’s a second try at it


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