Jakobsson and Chapa LaVia Sponsor Graduated Income Tax

by , posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at 11:14 pm

Updated Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 8:37 pm

On Jan 9th, State Representative Naomi Jakobsson filed a bill that would give Illinois voters an opportunity to amend Illinois’ tax code and pave the way for a graduated income tax.

On Jan 23rd, State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia added her name as a co-sponsor to the bill.

The bill, HJRCA 0002 would amend the Illinois Constitution and allow for a graduated income tax. Please take a minute to sign our petition to Representatives Jakobsson and Chapa LaVia.

The language of the bill reads:

Proposes to amend the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution. Provides that individual income taxes may be at a graduated or a non-graduated rate. Provides that any such tax imposed on corporations shall be at a non-graduated rate, not to exceed the average of the lowest and highest individual rates by more than a ratio of 8 to 5. Effective upon being declared adopted.

If the bill passes the general assembly, Illinois voters would have to approve of the measure by voting “yes” on the November 2014 ballot before it went into law.

The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability has shown that a well designed graduated income tax rate structure could reduce taxes for 94 percent of Illinois taxpayers and raise at least $2.4 billion more in revenue than the current five percent flat tax.

Illinois is one of seven states with an income tax that does not have a graduated tax structure.

As a new legislative cycle is starting, it is important to continue pushing lawmakers to support HJRCA 0002.

Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice is one of many organizations in the state that is working to reach our lawmakers and let them know that it is time to bring Illinois into the 21st century with a modern tax structure that will help correct Illinois’ revenue problem.

On Jan 2nd, Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice, State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia, and a number of panelists held a joint forum to talk about Illinois’ revenue problem. You can watch videos of the economists and lawmakers speaking at the forum by following the link to this story.


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