TRS Pension Rally at the State Capitol

by , posted on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 at 8:55 am

The Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice Coalition held a rally in front of the Illinois State Capitol Building on Tuesday May 29th. The purpose of the rally was to point out the failure of Gov. Quinn, Speaker Madigan and the Democratic Party to lead the state toward a positive solution to the teacher pension issue. In addition, the speakers also pointed out that no one in the House or Senate are broaching the subject of the only real solution to the debt problems of the State-new revenue. The Coalition has put forward several proposals to generate the revenue needed to fund our States’ budget. They include a “graduated income tax”, a “transaction tax” on the Commodities Exchange among other solutions. For more information please contact:

Bill Barclay, noted economist, tells how Illinois can solve it’s budget problems by increasing revenue rather than hurting people with budget cuts. Barclay is a founding member of the Chicago Political Economy Group, CPEG. Find them at

Mary Shesgreen the chairperson of the Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice coalition speaks to the issues of the corruption of Illinois State legislators and the Illinois Teacher’s Pension issue. During her speech she outlines how the wealthy and corporations are buying legislation and hurting teachers and the citizens of Illinois.

Joni Lindgren a retired teacher and activist speaks about her effort to save teacher’s pensions and who the enemy is.


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