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by , posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 12:31 am

This isn’t a particularly original post. In fact, I first saw this video in this diary on DKos about ten minutes ago. But I think there is cause enough within this video itself for just about every blogger out there to take a moment and post it, hell, for every citizen out there to take a moment and email a link to their acquaintance, to post it to their facebook, to tweet it, to spread it around.

We are all citizen journalists now, each in our own way now; it’s incumbent on us to spread the truth, for I doubt very much that corporate media will.

UPDATE: just saw that according to this AP story this is just a little “nudging” with batons…so no cause for concern about the police delivering unprovoked beatings to young women to see here folks. Who are you going to believe, the Associated Press or your lying eyes?? Share the truth: because corporate media will not.


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