Occupy the Globe

by , posted on Friday, October 7th, 2011 at 12:02 pm

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading beyond U.S. borders. I saw a few references to Canadian occupy events earlier this week, but this morning I saw this story on CNN.

It includes references to Occupy events – some of them long-term occupations, some planned as solidarity marches on October 15 – in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in Australia, London, Hong Kong, Beunos Aires, Madrid, Dublin, unspecified city/cities in Italy. And that’s just in this story.

I can’t find a reference to global events specifically on the Occupy Together website, but could be I’m just missing it. They do say on their website today that there are now Occupy meetups in 890 cities.

The global spread is, I think, is a good, good thing. This movement may be spreading from the U.S. but then so did the particularly loathesome form of corporatocracy that now infects the globe, you know, the one that is in the business of running the world and taking the profits for the 1%. Since the entire globe is infected, seems only reasonable that we should spread the best potential cure I’ve ever seen around as well.

You can visit the Occupy Wall St website here, or the closest event to me, Occupy Chicago here, or Occupy Together here to find the location nearest you or to just find out what you can do if you can’t get there in person.

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