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by , posted on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 at 8:27 am

I thought progressive readers might enjoy something new to read other than the same stories about Alexi and Quinn struggling in the polls. The idea of going on television with something new, real and positive was created along the same line of thought. Sick of the negative – tune into something new. Watch Owens Television Commercial.

These ads are running on several news programs, but most of the commercials will hit television programs that attract larger female audiences (Owens base). It is a simple ad that targets people who are frustrated by their options this election cycle. The ad aims to provide an authentic answer from an authentic candidate. The St. Charles/Batavia Comcast broadcast market covers the entire 95th district.

Maria Owens is running for a seat in which neither candidate holds strong name recognition outside of West Chicago where Owens has won two local elections and has strong community ties. Owens’ opponent previously served as mayor of West Chicago before being appointed to his current position in the Illinois General Assembly.

It is a name recognition and turnout race. Even though the district is cut 3:1 to favor Republicans, Owens is handily winning the name recognition effort with over 1,000 yard signs distributed throughout the district. Her connections in Winnfield/West Chicago cross party lines and she will handily win the city that former Mayor Fortner abandoned after replacing unionized city workers with outsourced labor.

On the turnout front, Owens and volunteers will gather at the IBEW Local 701 hall in Winnfield, IL on Saturday 10/22 or Sunday 10/23 to do turnout calls for the last few days of early voting. Feel free to join the campaign that promises to peak on Election Day! Write volunteer@owensforillinois.com.


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