Primary Day

by , posted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 at 3:10 pm

A day or so before registration closed for the primary a woman came in to the library where I work part-time to change the address on her voter registration. Process completed, she thanked me and said: “we just moved, but this has to be the most important primary ever so I had to make absolutely sure I got my address changed in time.”

She walked away and a co-worker, who I happen to know is a pretty active Dem, said: “Huh, guess she must be a Republican.”

I couldn’t really disagree with her and still can’t, as I am neither feeling, nor seeing, anything like enthusiasm from most Dems of my acquaintance.

I could be wrong though. Lack of real enthusiasm on my part for any of the candidate offerings could just be lack of effort on my part toi dig for information sufficient to get me excited. But then again I could argue that a failure to get through to me – not so hard to do as getting through to the average voter since lots of local party insiders know exactly where to find me – indicates a failure to, er, do the job.

Anyway, I did vote, of course. I took care to wait until after 9:00 a.m. to avoid any crowds. While I wouldn’t say I ran into “crowds” I was surprised to find more than half a dozen – perhaps seven or eight – other voters there. And that’s not counting poll workers, actual pollwatchers (not so common in this neck of the woods even in generals) and the press taking photos.

Still, early reports are that turnout is low.

Back later with results. Not the least factor in my lack of excitement is the fact that I bet I could post them now with little fear the voters will have proved me wrong when the last vote is counted.


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