Linda Healy backed by Mike Madigan to challenge Kay Hatcher

by , posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at 3:07 pm

Calls started going out 2-3 days ago to Democratic activists in Kane and Kendall counties to notify them that Democratic Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan had chosen to support Linda Healy to run against Kay Hatcher for State Representative from the 50th District.

Linda Healy is the former director of Mutual Ground, a local shelter for abused women and men.  In my opinion, Healy is an excellent pick to challenge Kay Hatcher who voted against funding for Mutual Ground earlier this year when Hatcher voted “no” for a fully-funded budget. 

To learn more about Linda Healy or donate to Mutual Ground, follow this link.

Local activists pressured Hatcher and Republican Leader Tom Cross in efforts to keep the doors open at Mutual Ground, but both voted against the shelter.

It is still unknown if Kay Hatcher will survive the Republican Primary.  At least one strong Republican candidate, Keith Wheeler, will be challenging Hatcher for the seat.  Wheeler is the Kendall County Republican Chairman and has sided with the “reform Republicans” in the Kendall County Republican Party “split.”

As the only woman facing off against three men, Kay Hatcher won the Republican Primary in 2008.  She went on to win the general election against a highly qualified, but under-funded Democratic opponenet.  In contrast to her 2008 primary, Keith Wheeler will be a tough opponent for Kay.   An opponent like Healy will be tough for Hatcher or Wheeler to beat with Democratic Party funding and campaign apparatus. 

Stay tuned to the Progressive Fox for more news on this race and other races in the Fox Valley.


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