Dennis Anderson begins string of town hall meetings in bid to win U.S. House seat in IL-14

by , posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at 8:25 pm

To unseat what essentially is a ghost incumbent in the 14th district of northern Illinois, Democrat Dennis Anderson has decided to take his message to the people of the district by holding 20-25 town hall meetings. In St. Charles on Tuesday, Anderson said the only thing that will prevent more meetings is securing venues to hold them.

This is Anderson’s

second run for this office and he feels he learned a lot from the previous loss to make him a much stronger candidate. Anderson, who is now retired, said he is not looking for a career in politics. He vowed to do his best to address the issues of the day and if the voters of the district liked his accomplishments they would return him to office. With approximately fifty voters in attendance, Anderson limited his opening comments to a brief history of his past. After that he began taking questions regarding his views on every possible issue facing the nation today.

Here’s a synopsis of issues raised and his view regarding them:

Net Neutrality: Access to the internet should not be limited.

War on drugs: a disaster. There should be no jail time for small amounts.

War on poverty: If congress would step up and do their job, it would be more successful.

How to overcome Congress’ dysfunction: He would talk to anyone when conversation base on facts.

Why the lethargy in the electorate? Anderson feels that people are more focused on their own personal problems at this time and not on politics.

Citizens United: He would support a constitutional amendment to reverse the idea that corporations are people and money is speech.

What bothers him most congress’ inaction: Public access to polls under fire, no jobs bills on the House web site. The House is the only place where climate change and immigration reform isn’t popular.

Charter schools: He’s opposed to diversion of resources from public schools and public education needs to be adequately funded.

Concealed carry: He has a problem with it.

Veterans and VA: Absolutely pro veterans care and fully funding the Veterans Administration.

Health Care: for Medicare for all and the public option.

Common core: He supports the idea.

Debates: He’d like 6 but last time Rep Hultgren agreed to fewer and didn’t show up or left meeting prior to Q&A. He’s not hopeful things will change this time.


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