Progress for ATMI Workers

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Last Saturday Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice (NIJWJ) meeting had good news for workers at ATMI.

Tim Bell with the Chicago Workers Collaborative reported that the workers had voted to join Laborers Local 681 by a vote of 78 to 9. The near-unanimous vote is a reflection of the strength and solidarity among the workers.

Bell also reported that the vote had been ratified by the Department of Labor and that ATMI was willing to sit down at the negotiating table with workers from the newly formed union.

Daniel Wilkin, a Teamster, attended the NIJWJ meeting and spoke up briefly to underscore the rarity of this kind of solidarity.

NIJWJ Treasurer, Jean Pierce, reported that the group had raised $700 for the 8 workers who were unjustly fired from ATMI. Tim Bell spoke with the workers about the funds and several felt that the money should be held in reserve to support a strike fund if necessary. NIJWJ agreed to honor the request of the workers and keep the money in the bank. Noting that the $700 was a nice start, but not enough to sustain a strike, NIJWJ discussed plans to keep raising money.

In addition to NIJWJ’s effort, the Immigrant’s Hope Center in Aurora, IL is still collecting food donations and financial contibutions for the fired workers. Checks can be mailed to Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice, PO Box #3, Geneva, IL 60134 or they can be dropped off at the Immigrants’ Hope Center.

Immigrants Hope Center
115 N. State St.
Aurora, IL 60505

Tim Bell was optimistic that the fired workers would eventually be offered an opportunity to return to work for ATMI.

Vince Hardt made a motion to re-affirm support for the workers at ATMI. Jean Pierce seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The group agreed to use the April 6th NIJWJ monthly jobs rally to support the workers at ATMI.

NIJWJ is holding a joint Solidarity Rally in support of the workers at ATMI on Friday, April 6th @ 12:00 noon.

The rally will be held in downtown Aurora at 8 E. Galena Blvd., Aurora, IL.


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  1. Bill says:

    This is an important fight in a place that get limited attention. We have the chance to both build the labor movement and solidarity with Latino workers. Aurora is a UNION town!

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