The Patriotic Thing to Do

by , posted on Sunday, September 11th, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Our military heroes will be returning soon to the States, and many of them will be looking for work. Most of them will have a struggle, though, because the jobs they seek simply are harder to find these days. Yes, we could blame one party or the other, but in the U.S., WE, the People are the government.

As President Barack Obama said in his speech on 9-8-2011, the people we elect to Congress work for us. They are servants of the people, and, We, the People demand more than just talk and posturing and political backbiting.

It is long past time that both parties, but in my eyes, especially the Republicans, start to understand that no one can have everything their own way. It is a simple rule of a democracy that you give some and you take some. If it were otherwise, we would be a dictatorship.

Thus far I have seen almost no give and all take from the GOP. I have seen the Democrats give a lot, often in vain, because, as I see it, when they agree to some line in the sand by the GOP, and want something in return, it is not passed because the GOP will not agree to meet them somewhere in the middle.

Compromising is not a dirty word. We do not have a one side takes and wins all in America. The patriotic thing to do is to work together for the betterment of the entire nation, and that means that people on both sides gain some of their issues, hopes and desires.

In a Democracy, the majority may rule, but the minority still has a voice. It would be good for all of us to remember that. Political threats aginst this or some other candidate who tries to compromise to win as much as they can are way out of line. I have seen many members of the so-called Tea Party threaten candidates if they dare stray from the rigid, no surrender views of that group. This is not patriotic, and neither is it the American way of governing. That is simply the way of a dictatorship – no giving in on any issue, demanding and threatening others if one doesn’t get 100% of his way.

America, this is wrong. As a vateran, I implore all of us to return to American values of governing, the give and take, and to stop making lines in the sand over every issue.


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