IL-14: Hultgren and Walsh just seem like the same guy

by , posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 at 5:21 pm

But they are not really. I can tell you that in person Hultgren is very pleasant and Walsh is downright scary.

Beyond that, though, politically they are pretty much…okay, you got me, the same guy. For instance, yesterday they both voted against the Deal O Doom that raised the debt ceiling limit today. Not that I mind their no votes, I just mind that they are representative of the short-sighted Tea Partying mentality that got us into this invent-a-crisis in the first place.

Why worry about what these two do? Well, I feel compelled to do so on a personal level, as I currently live in the new IL-14 (though I could cross the street to borrow a cup of sugar and be in another district, and drive five minutes in the other direction and be in a third) so I can look forward to one or the other of these Economic Terrorists being my congresscritter in the near future. Well, one of them already is, but the main point is they are both prominent Illinois Economic Terrorists, hell-bent on destroying the middle class, our country, and certainly my chances of ever getting health care in America.

And there is slim to no chance that anyone in this district will run against whichever of them ends up the Chosen Annointed Economic Terrorist in Chief of the IL-14 Tea Party and thus try to stop them from committing future acts of economic terrorism on my behalf.

It’s just depressing.


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2 Responses to “IL-14: Hultgren and Walsh just seem like the same guy”

  1. TwistAndShout says:

    Hi Downtowner,

    I am here because I am so mad that I want to get involved. We may have met in the past. I help John Laesch a bit and was at a few of his staff meetings.
    So know you know my polical leanings and I’m so tired of just being at myu computer being pissed off.
    But what to do. I am a Progressive Democrat and any party of mine that would put forward Bill Foster is… well not a party of mine. But i want to get involved.
    Have you ever seen the Kane Dems in action? Should I reach out to them?

    Thanks. It’s time to fight back.

  2. Downtowner says:

    Hi TwistAndShout,

    So glad you are here. If you were at Laesch staff meetings, it’s entirely possible you and I have met at some point.

    I don’t know that I am the person to offer you advice, but my inclination as a progressive is not to put myself at the disposal of the Dem Party, to carry their water for whichever centrist candidates they come up with, but rather to seek out truly progressive candidates to support.

    Beyond that, my blog co-editor – n0madic – and I have been discussing what strategies will be most effective for local progressives going forward, and I hope to write about some of that here – much of it us thinking out loud and hoping other progressives, like you, will be here to debate with us, push us to think things all the way through, tweak us and correct us, if you will. We need the best strategies we can get, and the more of us who are developing them the better.

    So I really, REALLY, hope you come back!

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