Kucinich Rallies Wisconsin

by , posted on Monday, March 14th, 2011 at 7:17 pm

Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave the keynote speech Saturday March 12, 2011 at the historic Barrymore Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. Speaking to a packed house Kucinich time-after-time brought the audience to it’s feet responding to the passion of his words. Once again Kucinich is in the forefront of the battle to take back America for it’s citizens. When others hold back like Feingold and Obama Dennis takes action.

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  1. VideoNewsService says:

    I have observed Dennis Kucinich for many years and I’ve had the opportunity to talk with him on several occasions. He is committed to helping people achieve better lives for everyone and to defend us from the corrupt corporations which have taken over this nation.
    As President Obama has turned his back on the working people by not traveling to Madison and “standing on the picket lines” as he claimed he would while running for office, it is Kucinich who has come to Madison.
    As a radical Democrat who didn’t vote for Obama, who I saw as a corporate Democrat, I am proud of my support of Kucinich. I am much less proud of a President who is abandoning the working people of this country to curry favor with the wealthy elitists. They who act like the aristocrats of the failed Monarchies of days past.
    The battle is joined in Madison, it will be long, it will be painful, it will be dangerous but it must be fought. It must be fought for ourselves and for our young ones. Will we live as men and women standing on our feet with pride or will we live as cowards on our knees? I stand with Madison.

  2. Matt Walker says:

    I love Dennis Kucinich. My 3 favorite candidates at this point would be Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. I’ve followed Ralph Nader ever since he ran against Bush & Gore. I’ve read quite a few of his books, and I think I can safely say that he is the candidate that best speaks for me. Both Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich have brought up impeachment of Barack Obama for the illegal war he is currently conducting in Libya without congressional approval. I wish George Bush had been impeached, and I sincerely hope that Barack Obama is impeached for his role in this disgusting “intervention” currently underway in Libya.

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