We are Wisconsin!

by , posted on Monday, March 7th, 2011 at 5:01 pm

A Friday layoff check, a tank of gasoline, my buddy Joe, and my “Stand with the Wisconsin 14” sign put me in the heart of the fight to protect the middle class of America this past Saturday.

It felt like democracy – more so than Grant Park on election day in 2008.  Many of my friends are probably already following the fight between Scott Walker, the corporate-backed governor of Wisconsin, and state workers (teachers, firefighters and police) who are fighting to protect the very right to bargain in unity (instead of individually) for fair wages and benefits. 

Although the crowd this weekend matched the crowd from last weekend, there were several differences.  The rotunda of the Capitol was still a free speech zone, but most of the rallies and speeches were planned for outside; leaving the inside of the Capitol relatively uncrowded.  Heavy security in and out of the Capitol created lines and acted as a deterrent to people who probably would have come inside.   A combination of the “cleaning” argument, the expulsion of people from the Capitol last week, and increased security seems to be working as an effective strategy that has effectively pushed the people out of the people’s house. 

Michael Moore spoke, and you can watch the YouTube version here.

The theme of the day certainly seemed to be “standing with the Wisconsin 14.”  Signs and speeches reflected the great appreciation that demonstrators had for the 14 Senators who have taken heroic steps to stop Walker’s war on the middle class.

Most of the signs did a great job of drawing a deep line between the millionaire class and the working class. 

Scott Walker represents the millionaire class and it seems that he will not be satisfied until he has achieved a total corporate takeover of the Wisconsin government. 

His efforts go beyond union busting as he is openly pushing the idea that Wisconsin taxpayers should start paying the salaries of multi-millionaire CEO’s through privatization schemes and tax cuts, instead of paying fair wages for hard working teachers, snow plow drivers and police officers.


This blog is the first in a series.  My next will layout what we can do to support the recall.


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  1. Matt Walker says:

    I was there two weeks ago with some friends from UAW Local 145. Scott Walker is a useful idiot willing to do whatever his corporate overlords want in return for campaign contributions. Thank goodness the Wisconsin Senate Democrats were willing to jump the border in order for pressure to be applied to the Governor and his Republican cronies. I was excited to hear about the recalls. I think it is obvious at this point that the Wisconsin 14 have done their duty and that the tide has turned.

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