Completely Random and Very Cool

by , posted on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 6:28 am

A guy I work with came in yesterday and said to me “I don’t know why, but I saw this very cool thing yesterday and immediately thought that if anyone I know would know the right person to do it, you would.”

And then he told me about this: the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is running a contest to find the right person to live at the museum for a month and blog about the experience.

I don’t want to dispute my friend’s conclusion that I would know someone who would be perfect for this, but that person is not coming immediately to mind, so I thought I’d throw it out here on the blog.

If you are chosen, and you make it through the month, you will receive $10,000, a packet of tech gadgets, and of course an experience you can tell your grandchildren about.

Deadline for entry is August 11, 2010.


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