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by , posted on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Catherina Wojtowicz sent me a message on Facebook today ..

Whoa! Harsh.

Obviously not a progressive. Wonder why I friended her? Wonder what I posted that set her off?

Hmmm. Only status update I’ve posted at Facebook the last couple of weeks is that link to Carl Nyberg’s report on the Tea Party in Daley Plaza last week, over at Ellen’s Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog.

Wonder what this woman’s story is?

Okay. Looks like she’s the leader of the Chicago Tea Patriots. I guess that explains why Carl’s post caught her eye.

Why did I add this person? Of course she’s not going to like anything I have to say.

Twitter, check.

Hmmm, This is interesting. Keith Olbermann named her “Worst Person in the World” last November.

Oh, man. Check this out. Apparently she threatened to shoot a blogger. Lovely. I guess I really shouldn’t have friended this one!

Hmmm. Lookee here. Turns out today is not the first time she has gotten in touch with me. Wonder what it says?



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  1. Downtowner says:


    Think you should add a “crazy people” tag, you know, to more easily file it under “crazy.”

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