What Sirota Said

by , posted on Sunday, December 20th, 2009 at 4:19 pm

In terms of why it’s bad strategy for progressives to fall into line on the health care fiasco vote, this kinda says it all. On the other hand, it leaves me wondering where the screaming and yelling and Liebermanesque holding-out is from elected Progressives.

Where are they?

Is Dean – not holding any office at all at the moment and hardly a model of a progressive – really the strongest voice we have to scream “kill the bill?”

That’s scary.


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  1. n0madic says:

    I particularly like this from Sirota’s post:

    “If we are truly going to be a movement and not merely the arm of a political party, then progressives have to understand the different roles we all play. Politicians in Washington have one role – they are predisposed to try to get anything done no matter what it is. We have another role …”

    I think that’s something that we can’t be reminded of enough.

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